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That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off

Today, a group of us were asked to write a personal proverb. We had five minutes to jot it down. I sat there, thinking. Maybe I should write this? No, that’s not particulatly profound. Maybe I should write a proverb about this, but how to word it in a meaningful way? I continued thinking, theContinue reading “That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off”

Jars of Oil

This morning, I was greatly encouraged when I read the account of the widow and her jar of oil in 2 Kings 4:1-7. For weeks now, my mind has been greatly exercised over the recent financial hits. Some days I do pretty good, others I struggle, as I shared in my post “The Relief ofContinue reading “Jars of Oil”

The Relief of Relying on God

Relief washed over me last Wednesday as I sat in the exam room and stared at the xray. The 2nd metatarsal bone in my foot had not been rebroken; I was experiencing strain pain. The podiatrist warned me that I was doing too much, standing all day on concrete, and stated that I needed toContinue reading “The Relief of Relying on God”