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Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest

Last night, I sat by the cheery bonfire I had made, reminiscing about bonfires with family and friends in the past. With my adult and almost-adult aged children running here and there to work or some event, I’m finding myself alone more and more. It was my first time building a bonfire and enjoying itContinue reading “Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest”

Eating Healthy as a Single Parent

One challenge of being a single parent is having the time, money and energy to create healthy meals. After a tiresome day at wotk, the thought of standing on my feet for another half-hour or so just simply isn’t appealing at all. Until I think about my health. When my children were young, most ofContinue reading “Eating Healthy as a Single Parent”

Then and Now

I remember the first time I started One Munching Momma. It was about ten years ago, when I was homeschooling my eight year-old son and seven year-old daughter, living on twenty-one acres of land. We had lots of fun on those acres-climbing the steep hills and discovering animal tracks, sledding in snow, doing school outside,Continue reading “Then and Now”