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Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest

Last night, I sat by the cheery bonfire I had made, reminiscing about bonfires with family and friends in the past. With my adult and almost-adult aged children running here and there to work or some event, I’m finding myself alone more and more. It was my first time building a bonfire and enjoying itContinue reading “Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest”

That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off

Today, a group of us were asked to write a personal proverb. We had five minutes to jot it down. I sat there, thinking. Maybe I should write this? No, that’s not particulatly profound. Maybe I should write a proverb about this, but how to word it in a meaningful way? I continued thinking, theContinue reading “That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off”

Autumn on the Water

Cool breezes over me flow;Choppy waves dance below.I sit in a bright blue cradle, floatingFree as the heron soaring. Hillsides glow with autumn fire,Leaves of red, yellow, orange, to the spire.Soon they will fall,Revealing bony fingers reaching tall. I am in autumn’s lee;What has will never again be.What will is still ahead;A mystery, a thrill,Continue reading “Autumn on the Water”