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Connection-An Important Key in the Blogging World

I want to take a moment and give a long overdue shout-out to David of davidsdailydose. Back in 2022 on September 4, I wrote a blog post titled “A Part of the Picture”, never imagining it would really resonate with anyone that much. I simply was musing about life – the ins-and-outs of it andContinue reading “Connection-An Important Key in the Blogging World”

Time to Return

It’s been a long time. Too long since I last wrote a post. So much has happened… • I have written a YA book that is currently being read and critiqued by friends. • The process of publication and all that is involved is currently occupying some of my free time. • Establishing writing goalsContinue reading “Time to Return”

“What Should I Do?”

“What should I do?” I asked Suki, our tortoiseshell cat. Her expressionless eyes gazed back at me-unblinking, uninspiring. I scratched the back of her head, then plopped myself back into the overstuffed, faux-suede recliner and proceeded to write this post. An hour before I posed my question to Suki, I had randomly googled best websiteContinue reading ““What Should I Do?””

That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off

Today, a group of us were asked to write a personal proverb. We had five minutes to jot it down. I sat there, thinking. Maybe I should write this? No, that’s not particulatly profound. Maybe I should write a proverb about this, but how to word it in a meaningful way? I continued thinking, theContinue reading “That Annoying, Berating Voice-A Personal Testimony on Turning it Off”

Journaling to Healing

I reached the 100,000 word count mark in my Word document journal yesterday. A full-length book. I started the journaling process shortly before the divorce and have kept it up for almost four years now. It’s messy with lots of stream of consciousness writing. It’s real. It’s raw. But it was, and still is, theContinue reading “Journaling to Healing”

A Second Chance

For the past three weeks I have been banned from working and I can’t exactly say I was devastated when the podiatrist gave me the news. Instead, my mind began swirling with the decisions I’d been wanting to make about writing that this time would allow me the opportunity to do. You see, the workContinue reading “A Second Chance”