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A Birthday He’ll (We’ll) Never Forget

April 28th was my son’s nineteenth birthday. The morning starts off in usual fashion- a “good morning” greeting; a “happy birthday” wish; a quick prayer and then an admonition to be safe on the roads. I then leave for work at the dark hour of 5:40. Two-and-a-half hours later, I walk out of the wrapperContinue reading “A Birthday He’ll (We’ll) Never Forget”

The Exploding Thermos

Thick, slimy, green goo clung to the ceiling, with an occasional drop succumbing to gravity and landing into the sink below with a moist plop. Green splatters plastered the kitchen window, nearby cabinets and floor. A sweet, slightly fermented smell reached my nostrils as I walked into the kitchen; my stomach recoiled at the sight.Continue reading “The Exploding Thermos”