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Black Bear in the Great Smoky Mountains

This weekend, we joined about seventy university General Biology students for a hike in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Sunny skies and warm temperatures combined with the living green of young leaves and plants, made for a spectacular and beautiful day. Wildflowers were the focus of the hikes. We were told that on Friday, the dayContinue reading “Black Bear in the Great Smoky Mountains”

Last Minute Winter

I grew up in the southeastern portion of the United States, but I’m still often taken by surprise at how much our weather can fluctuate. Earlier last week, we had temperatures near eighty degrees; yesterday, we had high’s in the low thirties and about 2-3 inches of snow. This morning it was nineteen degrees. AndContinue reading “Last Minute Winter”

Buddy and Mr. Skunk

The following short story is a blast from the past about a brindle pit bulldog that we grew to love. He was quite intimidating with his two bottom canines protruding above his upper lip and growling as though he wanted to rip an arm or leg off. I unbuckled my daughter from her car seatContinue reading “Buddy and Mr. Skunk”

Christmas Day Starling

One of the main focuses on my original One Munching Momma blog was the many nature opportunities the kids and I had the joy of experiencing. From watching a luna moth caterpillar transform into a moth, a dung beetle rolling its prized ball of dung down the driveway, observing the life cycle of frogs fromContinue reading “Christmas Day Starling”