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“What Should I Do?”

“What should I do?” I asked Suki, our tortoiseshell cat.

Her expressionless eyes gazed back at me-unblinking, uninspiring.

I scratched the back of her head, then plopped myself back into the overstuffed, faux-suede recliner and proceeded to write this post.

An hour before I posed my question to Suki, I had randomly googled best website platforms for writers and found myself creating a free Wix account.

“What in the world am I thinking? This will be at least the fifth time I’ve attempted to build a website.” I thought to myself, already picturing the website just sitting, eventually being lost in the cyberworld netherland with all my other ones.

The other oft-reviewed ideas of how to get myself out there as a writer staggard out of my subconcious, looking haggard and bored.

“Just do something!” they seemed to say. I get the tiredness of the ideas. After presenting themselves over and over only to get shoved aside just as many times, I’m sure they must be quite worn out.

I’ve frustrated my ownself to the point that I can’t seem to get out of this ever-moving circle of procession ideas.

Thus my question to Suki.

But, then again, maybe she did inspire me. After all, I did begin writing this post.

So, where is this stream-of-consciousness post going?

To share with you that at some point in the near future, I will be opening a website containing my writing portfolio. I have yet to decide exactly what will be in it, but as soon as I have it up and running, I will share it with you all.

Now I will be clear here-near future can mean anywhere from six months to a year. It’s not easy having to work full-time; prioritize relationships, and build a writing career as a divorced mom. Or that’s been my excuse for keeping the ideas in that frustrating procession.

By speaking publicly about my online portfolio goal, I am endeavoring to hold myself accountable and accomplish the writing goals that have been shoved into the background way too often.

And maybe, just maybe, Suki will inspire me again.


Published by sandrah

Hmm...about me. Well, if you were to meet me in person, you would likely say I am quiet, reserved, maybe a tad shy, introspective, aloof, maybe even snobbish. Those who take the time to know me, find that I am someone who loves to talk one-on-on with others, enjoys hearing about people's life journeys, encourages others and easily gets lost in dreams. I am a writer and author with lots of ideas, but little time. I am mom to two awesome teenagers who are my inspiration each and every day, and a crazy rag doll cat named Hobbs. Most importantly, I am a child of God and will be eternally grateful for His working in my life. Thanks for stopping by!

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