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Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest


Last night, I sat by the cheery bonfire I had made, reminiscing about bonfires with family and friends in the past. With my adult and almost-adult aged children running here and there to work or some event, I’m finding myself alone more and more.

It was my first time building a bonfire and enjoying it alone. Yes, I did mean to say “enjoying”. It’s definitely taking some getting used to being alone more. I found myself at first feeling sad and pulling out their baby albums, looking over their pictures and wondering how we got from there to here so quickly.

In the next stage of adjustment, I found myself hinting to them that it would be nice to hang out sometime, play a board game or chat a while, to which my daughter would say, “I’m sorry you feel alone.” A couple of times her saying that motivated me to move forward to the next stage.

Acceptance. I don’t want to accept that my children are spreading their wings and needing me less and less. I still want them to be like the little girl I saw in church, sitting in her mother’s lap and cuddling. Oh, if only I could just have one more moment with both, cuddling them on my lap; how I would treasure it.!

But I am learning to accept.

Part of that acceptance is building a network of friends. This area of my life had gone to the wayside for the past five years with having to work full-time and managing everything after the divorce. But I’m rediscovering the fun in getting to know new friends better and the fulfillment of different kinds of companionship.

I’m also experiencing the blessing of being alone. Like last night at the side of my bonfire. I ate veggie hotdogs, had a s’more or two plus four marshmallows ( but whos’s counting?), and I sang a few old hymns as I watched the flames flicker. I wasn’t truly alone. He was near and that truth is what gives me strength in the lonely hours.

I did wind up having company toward the end of my bonfire time. My son’s plans fell through and so I invited him to join me. He did and we ate marshmallows together, talked and laughed. It was good. I treasured every moment of it.

Published by sandrah

Hmm...about me. Well, if you were to meet me in person, you would likely say I am quiet, reserved, maybe a tad shy, introspective, aloof, maybe even snobbish. Those who take the time to know me, find that I am someone who loves to talk one-on-on with others, enjoys hearing about people's life journeys, encourages others and easily gets lost in dreams. I am a writer and author with lots of ideas, but little time. I am mom to two awesome teenagers who are my inspiration each and every day, and a crazy rag doll cat named Hobbs. Most importantly, I am a child of God and will be eternally grateful for His working in my life. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward with an Almost Empty Nest

  1. I love a good fire. Come to think of it, I’ve never felt alone sitting near one—even if I was. Our youngest is 24 now, with two older brothers in their late twenties. The three of them live several states away, and I don’t get to talk them as much as I’d like. I know the feeling. God Bless.

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    1. I would say you know the feeling more that I do. Mine are still home, just gone most of the time. God knew I needed a gradual transition.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!


  2. I know that the empty nest is looming nearer all the time. I have to admit, that it makes me sad too.
    I also struggle with my boys not needing me/not wanting me to interfere with their “friend” time. It stings a bit.

    But I do remember being their ages (dimly) and friends being everything. It’s scary and sobering, but I do pray a lot for them.

    I currently would love some truly relaxing alone time. It’s not all bad. I’d spend it in a long soak in the tub or even an endless shower. Then make myself a nice cup of tea and kick my feet up by the fire. Of course, we are never alone with our cats about! And alone with God is good for reflection.

    Praying our kids find their places, then come back to share with us old ladies!


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