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The Barrette

Last Friday night, I cried.

I’ve been doing a lot of that lately as I’m realizing more and more that my youngest one is launching off into the world of adulthood, whether I’m ready or not.

But the reason I cried that Friday night was because of a faux diamond barrette. The silvery clasp has tarnished, the diamond wanna-be’s no longer catch the light as effectively, but on top of her shiny, copper hair, it was transformed into it’s original luster. The sight of it transported me back to the last time when I saw it perched atop the crown of her head.

It was only yesterday that she last wore the faux-diamond studded barrette. She was barely three feet high, if even that. Her thick, red-tinted brown hair lay glistening down to her waist, the sides swooped up and held in place with the clasp she was so proud of. Down the church aisle she walked, one tiny step at a time. Carefully, she held the rose petal- filled white basket in one hand and with the other, she methodically dropped one petal at a time onto the teal carpet.

“Not too fast,” they had told her at the wedding rehearsal.

“Not too slow,” they then said.

I hadn’t wanted her childhood to go too slow, but now I wish it hadn’t been too fast.

I cried Friday night when I saw the tarnished, silvery, faux diamond- studded barette sitting atop her coppery hair, sides swooped and held in place. Hair that now barely reaches her collar- a two-year regrowth after shaving it all off in a random teen moment.

Graduation 2022

She stands at five feet, eight inches, her slender, womanly curves accentuated by the black dress she wears. Determined, fiery, sweet, salty, passionate, defender of others, a joy and a hurricane.

Time waits for no one they say, and I believe it.

Thursday I watched her drop rose petals; Friday I watched her walk down another church aisle, receiving her diploma… launching out into the wide world.


Published by sandrah

Hmm...about me. Well, if you were to meet me in person, you would likely say I am quiet, reserved, maybe a tad shy, introspective, aloof, maybe even snobbish. Those who take the time to know me, find that I am someone who loves to talk one-on-on with others, enjoys hearing about people's life journeys, encourages others and easily gets lost in dreams. I am a writer and author with lots of ideas, but little time. I am mom to two awesome teenagers who are my inspiration each and every day, and a crazy rag doll cat named Hobbs. Most importantly, I am a child of God and will be eternally grateful for His working in my life. Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “The Barrette

  1. A sweet post. My son is in his final year of school and I sway through these emotions too and added to that the stress of what this can bring with having to sort out college admissions etc.
    May we find joy in these moments and gratitude for the time that has been.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, goodness, Girl!
    I am in tears!
    Life does. Life does not slow down! Give her a hug! You’ve both done well! Proud of you both!

    “Enjoy the little things…for one day you’ll realize that the little things were the big things!”

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  3. Oh my Sandy, this has me tearing up right along with you. So very true, time flies. Such a trite sounding thing we always hear people say but woah, no truer words. I’ve pep-talked myself many times in the last 6 months, knowing the inevitable of Ethan leaving for college, 7 1/2 hours away from home. We just gotta look for the bright spot and beauty of the next phase. Take it as it comes. Beautifully written, as always Sandy.❤️


    1. Make sure you have plenty of Kleenexes and you know, my home may be small, but you guys are always welcome here!


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